Neal Wooten
Although in 2005 I was dragged kicking
and screaming to the snow-infested
plains of the American Midwest, my
home is still Blake, Alabama, atop
beautiful Sand Mountain.  

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The Balance
Published by Bold Strokes Books

In a dystopian future, life hangs in the balance.

Piri is a nineteen-year-old boy who lives in a technological metropolis
that rises up above the clouds. But when an accident drops him out of
the city, everything changes. At first terrified by the atrocious reality of
life on the surface, including surviving gruesome creatures known as
Scavs, Piri is soon mesmerized by the bond they have for one another.
He also comes to understand his own feelings for Niko, the boy who
rescued him.

In the end, Piri chooses love over comfort. But things are never as they
seem. When he discovers just how far the city dwellers will go to
maintain control, and the horrific truth behind an ancient and secret
alliance, he will do everything he can to protect his new family—and
disrupt the balance.
Pit Bulls vs. Aliens

In the year 2050, the problematic buildup of greenhouse gases has been solved, and
yet global temperatures continue to rise. As oceans grow warmer and the polar
icecaps melt at an alarming rate, marine mammals begin behaving most peculiarly.

Thomas Freeman, a conspiracy author and UFO enthusiast, knows the only
explanation can be terraforming. Soon his theory is confirmed as aliens arrive to
colonize Central America. Thomas joins forces with climatologist Stephen McNair,
marine biologist Sally Xie, and SETI physicist Darren Mitchell to uncover the truth
before it’s too late.

As the intent of the invaders becomes clear, Colonel Benjamin Jamison is called
upon to lead a military force to stop them. An impressive show of firepower comes
up short as the technology of the aliens proves too much. All hope appears lost until
the human comrades inadvertently discover one thing that the aliens cannot defend
themselves against—and the earth has millions of them.

Published by Kindle Scout
Tina Lythgoe has always rescued animals, but on January 20th, 2014,
she got a phone call that would change her life forever. A tiny puppy
named Josh was about to be euthanized. Someone had dropped him off
to be destroyed due to several physical oddities including a cleft palate.

Tina took Josh in as a foster, but after several days when it appeared he
would survive, she knew she had failed. There was no way she could
provide just a foster home. She was in love.

Josh never knew he was different. He became Tina’s partner at the
rescue, overseeing the variety of rescued animals. When Josh began
getting lots of emails, Tina knew he was special. She created a
Facebook page and he quickly became an inspiration to people all around
the world.

Josh’s story is unique, but a story as old as time. You cannot judge
someone by physical appearance; it’s what’s on the inside that counts.
Reternity - Winner of
ten natioanl awards.